My story....hmmm, since I can remember,  

I've always been interested in videography.

 I worked over 12 years in the veterinary field as a technician and thought that was my end game. Until I saw a need to help my hospital gain a larger virtual footprint, insert my love for videography. I created fun videos like employee lip-syncing and taste-testing dog treats.

 I attended seminars and conferences in the veterinary field, which furthered my interest in video marketing. Soon I filmed and edited a large project with the animal hospital and was praised for it by some of the current marketing specialists in the veterinary field.

 I saw that this was missing and needed to help animal hospitals seem less scary, especially in some instances. Now I am here to expand my reach to help others in the veterinary field and those in other professions.  





Let's chat!

I want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Together we will come up with the image you want to represent your business. 


Filming begins.

Now for the fun part! I work around your schedule to get the appropriate shots to make your vision come to life.


Bringing to life!

Once filming is complete, the editing 

process begins. This is where everything starts to come together. We strive to give you content that represents your brand.